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Superteam PCSO Holds Virtual Shave

Superteam PCSO Holds Virtual Shave

Held March 15 at Jimmy's Tavern in Pueblo West

Participants Getting Heads Shaved

Participants Getting Heads Shaved

Held at Aura Salon in Pueblo West during the 2019 St. Baldrick's Fundraiser

Fundraising for a Cure

Fundraising for a Cure

A large crowd turned out to help donate to fight Childhood Cancer in Pueblo West in 2019

Valentine's Day Dance

Valentine's Day Dance

Line dancing at the Shriner's Club in Pueblo West on Feb. 14

Ice Cream Confection

Ice Cream Confection

A variety of flavors await those brave souls who turned out on Feb. 13 at Coldstone's

St. Baldrick's Virtual Head-Shaving Event Held March 15

Grant Shay, Event Coordinator for the Annual St. Baldrick's event in Pueblo West, shaves the head of Superteam PCSO captain Brad Riccillo at Jimmy's TavernGrant Shay, Event Coordinator for the Annual St. Baldrick's event in Pueblo West, shaves the head of Superteam PCSO captain Brad Riccillo at Jimmy's TavernSo, the 7th Annual St. Baldrick's Head-Shaving Event wasn't exactly as we had originally planned. The circumstances were different but the reason remained exactly the same. 

Friends and supporters of SuperTeam PCSO gathered at Jimmy's Tavern in Pueblo West on Sunday afternoon, March 15, to watch the Heroes carry through on their promise to shave their heads after months of tireless fundraising. The monies gathered were given to the St. Baldrick's Foundation to help fund childhood cancer research. We all had a good time and none of us will miss our hair, that's for sure.

Thanks to each person who gave money, bought a candy bar, grabbed a t-shirt or attended a fundraiser. Without your generosity this day would not have been possible and neither would our successes.

Most of all, thanks to the children and families who are battling this disease. You are always in my prayers and on my mind. Each of you is the reason I have decided to do this every year. Your sacrifices drive me to continue.

To my sqaud.....Grant Ash Jeff Reynolds Jeremy Wayne Joshua Kirchner Kent Kirchner and all the others - thank you.



9th Annual St. Baldrick's Head-Shaving Event Postponed

Grant Shay, Event Coordinator for the Annual St. Baldrick's event in Pueblo West, was told by Foundation and government officlals today that they will NOT allow the event to take place as scheduled on Saturday, March 14 (tomorrow). IThe 9th Annual event is postponed until further notice due to the seriousness of the Coronavirus situation in the United States.

Additional information will be sent out as it becomes available. Once again, I am very sorry. I know we were all looking very forward to it. The mass panic over the coronavirus is the reason.

On the bright side, around $20,000 has been raised thus far and we now have a little extra time to keep at it. Thank you for everything you do to help fight kids' cancers!


Brad Riccillo
SuperteamPCSO Captain


Welcome to SuperTeam PCSO!

Deputy Brad RiccilloPueblo County Sheriff's OfficeDeputy Brad Riccillo
Pueblo County Sheriff's Office
Hello! My name is Brad Riccillo and I am the Captain of SuperTeam PCSO who are comprised of Deputies who work for the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office. The members of SuperTeam PCSO shave their heads yearly to help raise money for childhood cancer research!

Mission Statement: "Bringing people together through community based events to raise awareness for childhood cancer research".

The members of SuperTeam PCSO organize fundraisers in the Pueblo community in order to raise awareness (and funds) for childhood cancer.

This is my seventh year of participation and this promises to be the biggest to date.

Please visit our Facebook page for updates and news about the events in the community. Oh, and another thing, this is YOUR community, if you have any ideas for fundraisers....please contact me and let's talk!

Did you know that kids' cancers are different from adult cancers? It's true. And childhood cancer research is extremely underfunded. So I decided to do something about it by raising money for cures.

Now I need your help! Will you make a donation? Every dollar makes a difference for the thousands of infants, children, teens, and young adults fighting childhood cancers.




Chipotle "Each For Change" A Success on March 8

A BIG THANKS to everyone who came out on Sunday, March 8 from 4 8 p.m., to "Eat For Change" at Chipotle (3230 N. Elizabeth Street)! The results are already in so here we go:
So, they require a minimum of $300 in sales before they donate any profit. The total for last night was $271.35 
BUT, the fine folks at Chipotle HQ have decided to issue SuperTeam PCSO a check anyway for the 33% which will be $89.55 and that is still awesome!
The friends and supporters SuperTeam has are second to none! Thanks for all you do

You can still leave a gift here:



Musso's Patrons Support Superteam PCSO

Musso's famous sloppers covered with little Superteam PSCO flags Musso's famous sloppers covered with little Superteam PSCO flags

Fughedaboutit! We had a great time on Saturday, Match 7, at Musso's Restaurant for the 2nd Annual "Help A Hero" Event. Friends and supporters came to Musso's Restaurant to eat delicious food and also give a little all in the name of childhood cancer research. Heroes from the team, Ashley Nellie and her husband Nick Razey and their foreign exchange student, Schiavio helped serve food while Joey Musso and Lisa Musso kept a watchful eye 
SuperTeam PCSO will give all monies made to the St. Baldrick's Foundation on Saturday, March 14th at the Head Shaving Event. Thanks to the staff Alicia Tartwater and Moleen Weber for their patience in helping us today. We all had so much fun! And thanks to those who gave and ate. We appreciate your help!


You can still give to the 2020 campaign here:






United Way Supports Superteam PSCO!

Shanna M. Farmer, CEO of United Way of Pueblo County and Director of Marketing, Bianca Hicks present Superteam PSCO Captain Brad Riccillo a check for $500 at Jimmy's Tavern.Shanna M. Farmer, CEO of United Way of Pueblo County and Director of Marketing, Bianca Hicks present Superteam PSCO Captain Brad Riccillo a check for $500 at Jimmy's Tavern.SuperTeam PCSO is proud to announce they are sponsored by the United Way of Pueblo County for the 2020 campaign. The CEO, Shanna M. Farmer and the Director of Marketing, Bianca Hicks met me at Jimmy's Tavern and presented a check for $500 which makes them a "Supporter Sponsor" and entitles them to certain perks for the remainder of the 2020 campaign and up to the start of the 2021 season. Nicely done and on behalf of the SuperTeam, we are honored!
So, thanks again to the United Way and their generosity!

Hey! Are you or your business interested in becoming a sponsor? Well, you should be
Visit and click on the "sponsorship" tab in the menu or contact me at 719-281-0173 for details......

You can still give here:




Superteam PCSO Member Gets Head Shaved ahead of St. Baldricks

Superteam PCSO Captain Brad Riccillo shaves the head of Sergeant Kerrick Meinecke at the Aura SalonSuperteam PCSO Captain Brad Riccillo shaves the head of Sergeant Kerrick Meinecke at the Aura SalonKerrick Meinecke has been a member of SuperTeam PCSO since 2017 (from the Shamrock years). Kerrick is also a Sergeant at the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office as well as a husband, father and a man I consider a friend. If that's not enough, Kerrick is an active duty member of the military and will be deployed soon, which will cause him to miss the head shaving event at Jimmy's Tavern in March 14th.

Because of this, Amanda Richardson allowed us to visit Aura Salon on Thursday, Feb., 27, and she gave me special permission to shave his head.

For many reasons this was quite an honor: the meaning behind the shave, the reason for it taking place early, the personal/professional relationship we both share among many others.

So, thank you my friend for the past four years. Stay safe and come home soon so we can plan SuperTeam Cuba 2021.

Donate to the cause here:




SuperTeam PCSO "Live at Five" with Latino Chamber of Commerce

On Monday, Feb. 24, Brad Riccillo, Captain of Superteam PCSO was invited to the Latino Chamber of Commerce by Mr. Steven Trujillo as an honored guest on the program "Live at Five". This live broadcast features a member of the community who is hosting an event or doing something special in the community for others.

Mr. Trujillo believes SuperTeam PCSO and the St. Baldrick's Foundation fits this description. In this brief exchange, we discussed the funsraising efforts of the SuperTeam and the head shaving event on March 14th at Auta Salon and Jimmy's Tavern which supports childhood cancer research.

Check out the video link on the right and visit their page for cool happenings in and around town and see what the Chamber is up to. Thanks to Steven and the Chamber for their support and this cool opportunity!

Donate to the cause here:




SuperTeam PCSO Speaks at Pueblo Chamber

On Valentine's Day morning (Feb. 14), Deputy Brad Riccillo from the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office and the captain of SuperTeam PCSO, was at the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce and attended the Veterans Committee meeting. This meeting has a number of different organizations as members and one representative from each talks about upcoming programs or services geared toward assistance for those who are or have served our country.

The coordinator, Ava DeHerrera asked me to address the group and let them know about the St. Baldrick's Foundation and the role SuperTeam PCSO plays in raising funds for childhood cancer research.

This was a very special experience and I know everyone in the room learned we all serve a greater purpose and are doing things for others in the community that can't do for themselves at this time. Many thanks to those Veterans, their families and the organizations designed to help them!

So, please consider helping me help those children less fortunate by visiting my page and leaving a gift:


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More children are lost to cancer in the U.S. than any other disease—in fact, more than many other childhood diseases combined.
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