• St. Baldrick's ChiliFest Crowd
    St. Baldrick's ChiliFest Crowd

    Chili lovers of all ages eating inside the Pueblo West Fire Station.

  • ChiliFest Winner (2022)
    ChiliFest Winner (2022)

    Grren and Red Chili Fest winners gather for a photo with Brad Riccillo, the Captain of SuperTeam PCSO on Nov 12, 2022

  • Helping Handcuffing Childhood Cancer
    Helping Handcuffing Childhood Cancer

    A total of 47 Individuals of all ages get their heads shaved for the 11th Annual St. Baldrick's Fundraiser at the VFW in Pueblo West

Aura Salon stylists were on hand to shave the heads of those participating in the St. Baldrick's Head Shaving Event held at the VFW in Pueblo West, CO.Now it's time to shout out the heartbeat of the 11th Annual Head Shaving Event the SuperTeam and the VFW held last Saturday..The volunteers and sponsors. Without their time, dedication and generosity, this event wouldn't be possible!

A1 Barricade for the digital sign! George, Heather, Jesse, John, Richard and Torin (Wal-Mart) for the gift cards and the $2500 each grant money! Gift Baskets: Pam and Chuck Snow at Armor Storage, Leah at Leah's Boutique, Jimmy's Tavern, Jara Elements, Jon Post and David Massman from EXP Realty, Aura Salon, The Skinners from TLC Dental, VFW, Pueblo Chrsitian Academy and Lily Boda, Judy Leonard. Dimensions Photography and Up and Away Baloons, Gillian Cheek from Coyote Ridge Events.

If I didn't mention you, it's not because I'm not appreciative or you don't matter. It's just because I forgot! So, shout yourself out in the comments below!

Thanks to the barbers: Amanda from Aura Salon and Jaime from
Jalyn Styles and Aqua from Got Your 6. Without you it doesn't happen. Volunteers are so critical to 11 years worth of success! Lily from PCA, Taija, Vanessa and Isaac, Nichole and Delilah, Jeff, Joe and Jennifer behind the grill. The Explorer Post 157 with Matt and Lex Carlino, all the amazing staff at the VFW. MarGas for the propane and Gary Crump for the Grill. Ken Smith and Knuckin' Futz, Ben Dickinson at Go Big and Kevin Blunt behind the mic!

If I didn't mention you, it's not because I'm not appreciative or you don't matter. It's just because I forgot! So, shout yourself out in the comments below!

It doesn't matter the length of this post. What matters is my people know how awesome they truly are!!!
It was my first year as Event Coordinator. My team and I made some mistakes but we also did alot of good things. Year 12 will be better than all the rest!!


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