• St. Baldrick's ChiliFest Crowd
    St. Baldrick's ChiliFest Crowd

    Chili lovers of all ages eating inside the Pueblo West Fire Station.

  • ChiliFest Winner (2022)
    ChiliFest Winner (2022)

    Grren and Red Chili Fest winners gather for a photo with Brad Riccillo, the Captain of SuperTeam PCSO on Nov 12, 2022

  • Helping Handcuffing Childhood Cancer
    Helping Handcuffing Childhood Cancer

    A total of 47 Individuals of all ages get their heads shaved for the 11th Annual St. Baldrick's Fundraiser at the VFW in Pueblo West

Chili Cook Off Brings Crowd to Pueblo West Fire Department

It was a party with a purpose and each bite was better than the last. About 200 friends and supporters came out in force last night (Saturday, Nov. 16) to the Chili Cook Off at the Fire Station in Pueblo West. There was green chili, red chili, cornbread, muffins, sweet treats and so much more!

The competition was fierce and here are the results from the contest:

Green Chili
1st place: JJ King (PWFD)
2nd place: Bonnie Zeemer
3rd place: Shanna Guadagno (PFD)

Red Chili
1st place: Molly Seggerman (PCSO)
2nd place: Chief Brian Caserta (PWFD)
3rd place: Chris Tristano (PWFD)

Fan Favorite....Red Chili
Jeff Alfonso (PCSO)

The real winners were those who will receive all of the monies made from the event last night - the St. Baldrick's Foundation and the MDA.

Many thanks to the panel of judges: Sam Dazzo, Kent Kirchner, Grant Shay, Jacob Rivera and Kimmie Smith.

Stay tuned for the announcement for the next fundraiser!
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