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Nov. 18 Was a Hot Tasty Chili Time!!

It was a Hot and Tasty Time on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2023....and each bite was better than the last at the 4th Annual Chili Cook-Off held at the Pueblo West Fire Station #1 on Hahns Peak Blvd., in Pueblo West, CO! A great time was had by all and this year's competition was so very close....separated by a single point in a few categories.

Winners in the Red Chili category:
1st Place - Samuel Hernandez Jr. The porkchop lady/ sams street tacos
2nd Place - Leslie Smith
3rd Place - Sara Elizabeth McCormick

Winners in the Green Chili category:
1st Place - Leandra Perri with Salt and Sprig Charcuterie
2nd Place - Cody McCormick
3rd Place - Sam Hernandez Jr and The Porkchop Lady/Sam's Street Tacos

Fan Favorite - Sara McCormick

The real winners were St. Baldrick's Foundation and the MDA. all proceeds went to those amazing charities to handcuff childhood cancer and find a cure for muscular dystrophy.

Special thanks to Olive Garden, Daylight Donuts and Coke for the goodies they donated. Also, thanks to Chris Tristano and the Pueblo West Fire Department for the help and the great judges of course... David Crabtree Zach Blake Quinten Clementine Joshua Keith Lily Boda and Joe Bellavia. The incredible volunteers Gloria Atencio Taylor Baca Eli Byler Ada Byler and the others who came out made this so easy.

And most of all every person from the community who stopped by to show fellowship and enjoy the great food made by all the contestants, thank you!

Last but not least, my beautiful wife Yolanda Riccillo for the help and amazing woodwork and custom designs from Ohhh LaLa
I love you and you're the best
Stay tuned for more fundraisers!

 Below are pictures taken by Brad's wife, Yolanda and John Barker, Jr., webmaster for the Superteam PCSO website. 


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